Is Red Light Therapy For Aging Skin

Our skin starts to age while we are still quite young and when you think about it, our skin particularly face is subject to all types of harsh elements that can be really damaging over time.  Even at a young age some people know how important it is to create a habit of taking good care of their skin while others just take it for granted. Treating skin kindly is something that we should all be doing if we don’t want to look old before our time. If you are no longer in your youth you probably want to know if red light therapy is really helpful to aging skin, and what light therapy treatment may be able to do for you.

Consistency in treatments is a key element

Many that have used red light therapy skin treatment have noticed positive results and will answer the question ‘is red light therapy for aging skin’ with a resounding Yes, it Youthful skindoes work!  Of course not every user will be happy with their results, and a part of this is because not every user will be consistent with the treatments, nor will all users be patient enough to give the red light therapy treatment a chance to work for them. So results will always vary.

A number of health benefits

Red light therapy has a number of health benefits, it’s becoming ever more popular as time goes by. For one thing it isn’t a new concept; it’s been around for a long time.  It can be red light, blue light or a combination of light colors. This process has only more recently been brought to the general public’s attention and introduced as a part of a skincare regime due to its success in other areas of healing. Light therapy first gained the attention of NASA scientists when researching the power of Light emitting diode better known today as (LED).  In the experimental stage they found that LED had a very positive effect on plants by stimulating cell growth and since then have gone on to find that it is also an energy source for humans, stimulating and regenerating human cells.

Anti aging products is big business

Products for Anti aging is a huge marketplace not to mention it can be confusing finding the right product for you it can also be extremely costly.   Is it any wonder how big this market is when we as an aging population all want to look and feel young for as long as we possibly can.  We want to find the answer to skin rejuvenation. Once in our 40’s and 50s the need of help for our skin becomes more apparent as we start to notice more and more wrinkles, fine lines and other unwelcome blemishes. The sun isn’t kind to our skin either, especially when we overdo it and have not been diligent in using adequate sunscreen. There are a number of benefits from red light therapy one being that it is advantageous to aging skin by the fact that it helps to stimulate the growth of collagen which is what we are losing as we age.  It’s due to the lack of collagen that skin loses its elasticity and tone.

Some people and I am one of them have been lucky enough to have really good skin most of our life. I was very fortunate as a youngster not being plagued by the acne that so many young people have.  And many of us don’t realize just how bad acne can be.  For many young people it is a real problem as it can be for many older people too, and not just on their face either. Red and blue light therapy has helped a lot of people of all ages deal with their acne problems.

Even good skin can change with age

Even though I was one of the lucky ones to have really good skin when I was young as I got older I started to get some skin discoloration, which probably bothered me more than the fine lines and wrinkles that began to appear. I had a red patch on one cheek just above my jaw line and a few brown age spots on the other cheek. It was because of the change in my own skin that I started to do research into what was offering encouraging results that was an affordable and simple option.  That’s when I first discovered red light therapy and its recognized benefits for aging skin and not only aging skin, but for its other uses too. That was almost 3 years ago and since then I have done a lot of reading other peoples comments and checking out products related to red light therapy for skin.

Convenience and cost to be considered

The ability to now be able to have a home light therapy device of your own is appealing for those that are interested in trying light therapy. You could appreciate how convenient this would be to do your own treatment at home when it suited you,  plus at an affordable price. It is far more cost efficient when you compare it to the cost of treatments at a clinic or spa. My personal experience is that I didn’t purchase a device right away as I really wanted to check out my options. When I did finally purchase a device and started using it I found that my skin felt softer even after a few treatments.  And after about 5 weeks I noticed that both the red mark and the few small brown age spots that had developed on my cheeks were barely visible.

On a side not recently I had to have a pre-cancerous spot removed form my forehead (from sun damage) the mark had been there for a long time and I had the liquid nitrogen zap a couple of times but it kept coming back.  The incision was quite large probably over one inch which is large when its on your forehead.  They have to take some of the surrounding tissue too just to be sure they  have it all. When I saw it I was shocked. I had way more stitches than I was expecting. Once I had the stitches removed I started using my red light device over the scar and I’m delighted to report less than 3 months later you have to look hard to see that anything was done.

There are a number of red light therapy devices for home use from reputable companies like Baby Quasar, the ANSR Beam, Evis MD platinum, DPL Light Therapy System and others starting just over $100 and going up from there,  a few of them you will find are between $300-$400. You may want to check out red light therapy for your aging skin too!

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