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What Can Color Light Therapy Do For My Skin

If you haven’t already heard the buzz about light therapy treatment you need to stay tuned to Woman Receiving Spa Treatmentsee what you may be missing. Could this color light therapy possibly help rejuvenate your skin and help with rosacea, age spots or other skin issues?   Red light therapy can be especially valuable if you are looking for a ways to add some life to tired or aging skin, or for keeping already youthful skin looking young.

Where it all began

It’s very interesting the way LED light evolved; over time it has come to have many wonderful benefits.  Light is used for treating SAD and pain among other things. It’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds within the skin care industry and many other areas too.  LED light (light emitting diodes) discovery happened by accident within a  scientific background, it began while doing various experiments related to plant life for the NASA space program.  Personally I found it very interesting and if you would like to know more about this discovery you as can click here.

LED light treatment which has been around for over 40 years and whether you try it or not, whichever way you look at it, it was a great discovery which in one form or another it’s widely used in the medical field, particularly to help heal wounds, burns, and other injuries.

Can it improve your skin

The most important question you probably have is can it do anything to improve your skin. As we age our skin texture changes, we lose the collagen needed to keep our skin firm, plumped, and toned.  It’s claimed that red light therapy stimulates the growth of collagen as it penetrates deep into the layers of the skin.

Unwelcome aging skin changes

It’s the fine lines, wrinkles and other unwelcome changes that start to take over our face and becomes more noticeable as time goes by. We turn to various products and methods in an attempt to reverse the signs of aging, usually with less than satisfactory results. However, we cannot give up on our skin as it needs extra attention as we get older, not less.  At the very least we need to cleanse, moisturize and hydrate our skin and always remember a good sunscreen. But there is more we can do! Checkout the video below where Dr Ordon from the TV show the Doctors discusses Lightstim one of a number of small personal devices on the market that you can use at home to improve your skin.

How far will you go for your skin care

Besides numerous skin care products available, many women have turned to Botox, Restalyne, peels and such in an effort to look and feel younger. In their attempt to get rid of or at least reduce wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems that come with age, many are also getting their lips plumped too. The problem is you really have to be careful with the extent and amount of procedures especially as you get older, unfortunately some women are going way over the top and look totally artificial and worse than they did before.  Everything in moderation!  There’s no shortage of options open to you if you can afford it, and if you are prepared to put yourself through some of the procedures in the name of beauty.

Non invasive treatment without side effects

Is it any wonder that in the past few years or so many North American women have turned to light therapy for anti aging skin care?  Though it has been widely used in Europe for considerably longer it’s still growing in popularity in other parts.  This type of treatment is non evasive, without side effects, and easy to apply. Plus it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg if you purchase your own device and do the treatments yourself.

Treatment with home device or professional clinic

You have the choice to go to a clinic for light therapy treatments or you now have the convenience of being able to do your own treatments with one of the smaller light therapy devices for home use. With the portability it also makes it simple to take with you if you are traveling.  Some devices are more affordable than others, it depends what you are looking for. If you want one for aging skin you would be best to go for a device that has red light or a combination but definitely one that emits red light.  If you have acne which is a problem for many as they mature as well as the young, the blue light therapy is recommended for treating acne. It helps kill off the acne causing bacteria.  Some like the DPL device, deeppenetrating light therapy, help with both skin care and can also be used for sore muscles, sprains and other joint aches and pains. These are still portable but as  they also need to cover a larger area when used for pain. it larger than the hand held devices such as the Lightstim which is much smaller and used more for treating the face.

The bottom line

Although it’s non invasive and painless, light therapy treatment isn’t going to appeal to everyone and  also expect that results will vary with individuals.  However, many users have found light therapy a great asset to their skin care regime.  Although it can take time and patience before you can notice real results many have benefited from this treatment.  Some users say that they don’t notice much of a difference for a few weeks even a couple of months or so, on the other hand some others say they notice an improvement almost immediately; especially noting skin feels softer and has a healthy glow.

Watch the video below – this is from the TV show The Doctors talking about light therapy and in particular the Lightstim device.

Blue Light Therapy For Acne Skin

Blue Light Therapy For Acne Skin

Imagine how you would feel if you finally found the answer to your frustrating skin light therapy for acne skin  After much frustration and expense on investing in chemical based and other products that haven’t resolved their acne many people have found some success with using blue light therapy. Sometimes it needs to be a combination of product and light therapy, for others the light therapy treatment alone has been the answer.

It’s not just young sufferers

People of all ages can and do suffer with acne of varying degrees.  Most individuals have tried numerous products in hopes of getting rid of their acne with little or no relief. Over use of chemical treatments can create even more of a problem for many acne sufferers. When a condition such as this is really getting you down you will try almost anything in your search for a solution to acne and other skin issues.

Be sure to give treatments a fair chance

The use of blue light therapy for acne and other skin blemishes is a painless, safe and effective way to treat these skin disorders. Why this system works so well is because the blue light kills the bacteria that cause the acne in the first place.  Some people see results from this therapy treatment very quickly even within the first week or two while for others it takes longer, so remember that patience is required. It isn’t fair to make judgment and say something doesn’t work if you haven’t honestly given the treatment a chance to work.

Although light therapy has been around for a number of years and it’s been used by dermatologists for around 20 years, it’s still a relatively new concept for many people but is continuing to get more popular as they become aware of some of the positive results that many light therapy users are experiencing.

Results will always vary with individuals

It is important to keep in mind that not everyone will have the same results.  There will be those that rave about blue and red light therapy and its wonderful attributes and some that will say they have a different experience. Results could depend on skin sensitivity and the severity of the acne itself, there could be a number of reasons for different outcomes. You need to be prepared to put in the time on a regular basis for the treatment.

Home use convenience is available if you want it

The great thing is that you don’t have to attend a special clinic to get blue light therapy for your acne or other skin problems.  Treatment can now be easily and conveniently done at home. There are a number of small blue and red light therapy devices for home use that are affordable and effective.

For many acne sufferers this could mean no longer having to use harsh chemicals on your skin. It’s possible that you can get the results that you desire, getting rid of your acne with this treatment right in your own home while watching TV or reading. Light therapy for skin is growing in popularity and is it any wonder?

Although blue light therapy is recommended most for acne sufferers there’s also red light treatment which is designed more for those that are concerned with the skins aging process. And let’s be honest who doesn’t want to maintain a youthful look and have healthier skin so that they can look their best?  With maturity comes fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and loss of collagen. Color light therapy helps rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level and therefore is beneficial for the anti aging skin care.

Combination light therapy options

Many people are finding that using the combination of both blue and red light treatment is what really works best for them. They use the blue light first to kill the bacteria and then the red light to improve skin tone and texture.

There are several devices that offer color light therapies so you have a choice whether you go with a blue light, red light or combination of both. There‘s lots of feedback by satisfied users of these devices. When it comes down to it you have to decide if this is for you, also personal preference of product and price point is what may help you in making your decision.

Always remember follow the manufacturers instructions

Manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed.  Most people do their treatments 3-4 times a week for 10-30 minutes. Most users follow the instructions to start and then experiment a bit themselves by extending the session time or using it more often but you need to use responsibly.

These are a few of the light therapy devices that you can check out. Baby Blue by Quasar as well as their combination Quasar Power Pack light therapy. The ANSR Beam which is a combination of blue and red light in one device. The LightStim which is also a combination of colors recommended for acne and the Evis MD Platinum Light Therapy System Blue.

Hopefully this information for treating Acne with light therapy will help you with your needs.





Fortunately more and more are discovering blue light therapy helps their acne.


5 Things You Need To Know About Red Light Therapy

If  light therapy treatment is a new concept to you these are some of the important things that you need to know. There are various colors used in light therapy, red light therapy is usually the choice and recommended for treating aging skin as it offers a number of benefits that help rejuvenate skin improving the tone and texture.

Light Therapy Devices

What is Red Light Therapy?

It is a light treatment that can help improve a number of skin conditions. You will probably already have some knowledge of infra red light which happens to be invisible, while the red light is actually visible. It is a non evasive, safe treatment to use on the skin with no negative side effects    or discomfort. There are clinics that offer red light therapy treatments as well as a number of devices for home use. After all the negative publicity of tanning beds and booths and the positive benefits of red light therapy there are a number of tanning salon operators converting their tanning booths and beds over to red light.

What are the benefits of Red Light Therapy

Many people swear by the red light treatments.  They are happy to share their experience and the fact that they have had very good results from this treatment. Numerous users report a noticeable improvement in their skin in a number of ways. The fact that the red light can actually penetrate the dermis helps rejuvenate the skin by creating more collagen which helps plump up the skin and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. It can also improve other skin conditions such as rosacea, sun damage, discoloration and blemishes.

The history behind Red Light Therapy

You well may think that this light therapy was developed in the lab of a large cosmetic company in search for anti aging miracles but that is not the case. Light therapy has a very interesting background.  It was originally discovered by NASA who found that it helped plant life. They found that the LED (Light Emitting Diodes) actually reached the cellular level and improved the plant life. From there it was taken into the medical field and used in healing, for treating scar tissue, burns, skin cancer and other areas of healing.  It is also used for joint, tissue and muscle pain.

Who would benefit from Light Therapy?

There are many that could benefit from light therapy treatment. As mentioned earlier there are different color light therapies available. Red light therapy treatment is generally recommended for its anti aging benefits. Rejuvenation and more youthful looking skin is what most people are looking for as they start to get older.  Unfortunately fine lines and wrinkles can start to show up while you are still quite young the goal is keeping them away or at a minimum for as long as possible.

Blue light therapy is also very popular as it is recommended and used by many plagued by acne. While acne is usually more of a problem in teens anyone of any age can suffer with acne, it’s quite common that this condition can come on for the first time in mid life. Acne can affect other areas on the body such as the back and not just the face. Both blue and red light therapy treatment may help treat your acne. If you want to maintain youthful looking skin you may want to explore light therapy treatment and see if it is for you.

How to get Red Light Therapy Treatment

Light therapy treatments have been available in skin care clinics for a number of years, and was especially popular in Europe with very positive results before its popularity became known in North America.  Today you have a choice you do not have to go to a clinic for treatment because now you can purchase your own red light therapy device to use at home. This means the convenience of doing your treatments when it suits you. Naturally treatments at a clinic are going to be more expensive in the long run as you need to have follow-up treatments.

These treatments are not a one off deal you have to be patient and consistent with light therapy. Usually it is recommended to do the treatments every other day. There are a variety of devices to choose from and you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some of the most popular devices are Baby Quasarphotorejuvenation light therapy red and blue, DPL Deep Penetrating Light therapy system which is a bit different as it is a hands free device whereas most of the others are handheld and smaller.  Something else that you may want to consider is besides the skin benefits the DPL system can also be used for muscle, joint and tissue discomfort.  The Evis Platinum and ANSR Beam or Ansr Halo anti aging LED are also extremely popular choices.  You can expect to pay around $100 on the low end and up from there to purchase your own home device.

Hopefully this will give you a bit better understanding of red light therapy and what it may be able to do for your skin. Remember not everyone will have the same results but most important is to keep in mind patience and persistence is needed for best results.




Is Red Light Therapy For Aging Skin

Our skin starts to age while we are still quite young and when you think about it, our skin particularly face is subject to all types of harsh elements that can be really damaging over time.  Even at a young age some people know how important it is to create a habit of taking good care of their skin while others just take it for granted. Treating skin kindly is something that we should all be doing if we don’t want to look old before our time. If you are no longer in your youth you probably want to know if red light therapy is really helpful to aging skin, and what light therapy treatment may be able to do for you.

Consistency in treatments is a key element

Many that have used red light therapy skin treatment have noticed positive results and will answer the question ‘is red light therapy for aging skin’ with a resounding Yes, it Youthful skindoes work!  Of course not every user will be happy with their results, and a part of this is because not every user will be consistent with the treatments, nor will all users be patient enough to give the red light therapy treatment a chance to work for them. So results will always vary.

A number of health benefits

Red light therapy has a number of health benefits, it’s becoming ever more popular as time goes by. For one thing it isn’t a new concept; it’s been around for a long time.  It can be red light, blue light or a combination of light colors. This process has only more recently been brought to the general public’s attention and introduced as a part of a skincare regime due to its success in other areas of healing. Light therapy first gained the attention of NASA scientists when researching the power of Light emitting diode better known today as (LED).  In the experimental stage they found that LED had a very positive effect on plants by stimulating cell growth and since then have gone on to find that it is also an energy source for humans, stimulating and regenerating human cells.

Anti aging products is big business

Products for Anti aging is a huge marketplace not to mention it can be confusing finding the right product for you it can also be extremely costly.   Is it any wonder how big this market is when we as an aging population all want to look and feel young for as long as we possibly can.  We want to find the answer to skin rejuvenation. Once in our 40’s and 50s the need of help for our skin becomes more apparent as we start to notice more and more wrinkles, fine lines and other unwelcome blemishes. The sun isn’t kind to our skin either, especially when we overdo it and have not been diligent in using adequate sunscreen. There are a number of benefits from red light therapy one being that it is advantageous to aging skin by the fact that it helps to stimulate the growth of collagen which is what we are losing as we age.  It’s due to the lack of collagen that skin loses its elasticity and tone.

Some people and I am one of them have been lucky enough to have really good skin most of our life. I was very fortunate as a youngster not being plagued by the acne that so many young people have.  And many of us don’t realize just how bad acne can be.  For many young people it is a real problem as it can be for many older people too, and not just on their face either. Red and blue light therapy has helped a lot of people of all ages deal with their acne problems.

Even good skin can change with age

Even though I was one of the lucky ones to have really good skin when I was young as I got older I started to get some skin discoloration, which probably bothered me more than the fine lines and wrinkles that began to appear. I had a red patch on one cheek just above my jaw line and a few brown age spots on the other cheek. It was because of the change in my own skin that I started to do research into what was offering encouraging results that was an affordable and simple option.  That’s when I first discovered red light therapy and its recognized benefits for aging skin and not only aging skin, but for its other uses too. That was almost 3 years ago and since then I have done a lot of reading other peoples comments and checking out products related to red light therapy for skin.

Convenience and cost to be considered

The ability to now be able to have a home light therapy device of your own is appealing for those that are interested in trying light therapy. You could appreciate how convenient this would be to do your own treatment at home when it suited you,  plus at an affordable price. It is far more cost efficient when you compare it to the cost of treatments at a clinic or spa. My personal experience is that I didn’t purchase a device right away as I really wanted to check out my options. When I did finally purchase a device and started using it I found that my skin felt softer even after a few treatments.  And after about 5 weeks I noticed that both the red mark and the few small brown age spots that had developed on my cheeks were barely visible.

On a side not recently I had to have a pre-cancerous spot removed form my forehead (from sun damage) the mark had been there for a long time and I had the liquid nitrogen zap a couple of times but it kept coming back.  The incision was quite large probably over one inch which is large when its on your forehead.  They have to take some of the surrounding tissue too just to be sure they  have it all. When I saw it I was shocked. I had way more stitches than I was expecting. Once I had the stitches removed I started using my red light device over the scar and I’m delighted to report less than 3 months later you have to look hard to see that anything was done.

There are a number of red light therapy devices for home use from reputable companies like Baby Quasar, the ANSR Beam, Evis MD platinum, DPL Light Therapy System and others starting just over $100 and going up from there,  a few of them you will find are between $300-$400. You may want to check out red light therapy for your aging skin too!

Watch Dr Perriconi’s video below and his thoughts on light therapy

Also the LightStim on The Doctors TV Show

You can get the LightStim here

DPL Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Review for Skin Rejuvenation.

Most of us want the solution to rejuvenate our skin as we age.  DPL light therapy short for deep penetrating light,  offers skin rejuvenation and more as it also has the added benefit of accelerating healing, and offering relief from minor joint and muscle pain when the need arises.

Deep penetrating light regenerates

When exposed to proper light the process of regeneration in the body is accelerated. This very process is what makes the DPL light therapy system such a great option when you are looking for a device to help rejuvenate your skin.  It helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles increasing collagen production and in general improving the overall appearance of your skin.

If you are not already aware of it NASA technology is at the root of LED and red light therapy they first used the process on plant life with great success and then went on to benefit humans.

Consider the overall benefits of DPL

While the DPL therapy light system may appear to be more expensive than some of the other red light therapy devices on the market you have to consider the overall benefits of the DPL device in comparison to others alternatives. Including…

The 9 x 14 LED surface made up of 2 panels makes it a great system for covering more area at one time.  Studies show that when the skin and other tissue is exposed to LED wavelengths it encourages some cells to rejuvenate faster. The red and infrared light generated by the DLP light therapy system is therapeutically beneficial.

DPL Light System also for pain

Obviously the fact that the DPL light therapy device is larger than many of the other red light therapy devices it’s not as portable as some others and can’t be slipped into your pocket or purse for traveling. But its benefits outweigh this. The DPL is used hands free which is a real benefit for some as they find it tedious holding a smaller device for 15 – 20 minutes or so and while most people purchase it for improving their skin many have found the healing benefits for themselves and family members a godsend.

To get the most out of any of the red light therapy devices you need to use it on a consistent basis. If you stop using it you can start to lose the benefits that you have gained.

Mostly positive user reviews

The reviews from actual users of the DPL Light Therapy system are positive. From 26 customer reviews 20 of them gave it a top score of 5 out of 5 stars. The rest were between 1 and 4 stars.

Due to user reviews varying in length I am providing a shortened version of some of the feedback that I hope you will find helpful.

  • This is the real deal I bought it to diminish lines above my lips from smoking and have been very pleased with the results.
  • I love this product and have had people ask me What Are You Using On You Skin? You Are Glowing!
  • New User very pleased so far.
  • Overall I am very satisfied- if you have problem areas that you would like to improve(and you can be devoted to doing the daily treatments for a while) I would strongly recommend this product.
  • I bought this product over 2 years ago… it really works I was a skeptic. I now use it once a day in a few places. I use it for acne and for pain areas when needed too. I had deep smile creases and furrows between my eye brows, was getting crow’s feet and sagging skin.
  • Now I look 10-15 years younger … seriously. I didn’t see a difference over night but now when I see my old classmates they think I’ve found a youth fountain.
  • It is a bit time consuming so if your looking for a quick fix this isn’t it, but worth it. Ultimate proof I’m dating a guy much younger than myself.
  • This product will quickly pay for itself along with being able to use it anytime in the comfort of your own home compared to paying a dermatologist $200 per facial treatment
  • Very Effective
  • I purchased this item for my face. (I’m developing wrinkles and the skin is starting to sag). I’m happy to say that with repeated use of this Deep Penetrating Light Device I’ve seen a decided improvement in the tone of my facial skin. My complexion is clearer and my skin has a nice glow.
  • I have used this product for only 1 week, and there is noticeable lightening of several dark spots that I’ve been fighting with creams for a couple of years.
  • I have been using my DPL machine for a couple of months now once daily in conjunction with the Clarisonic Pro.  I am 53 years old and my skin now looks like a 30 year old.

This is what some of the DPL system users have to say which is worth taking into consideration when you are looking for a red light therapy device to rejuvenate your skin and keep your skin looking as youthful as possible. I hope this review has helped.

Watch these 2 videos the first one is Dr Perricone talking about light for skin and 2nd one on DPL Deep Penetrating Light System for skin rejuvenation and more!

Red Light Therapy To Reverse The Signs of Aging

What makes red light therapy successful in reversing the signs of aging skin is that skin absorbs the red light, which encourages the production of collagen and elastin the skin needs these to stay more supple and youthful. The red light stimulates the cells which encourages blood flow and provides nourishment to the skin.

Red Light Therapy Treatment

Light therapy has become a very important addition for skin care, especially for aging skin and acne.  This treatment has been around for a long time, but what has changed in recent years is that red light therapy treatment is now easily available to anyone.  Now you can have your very own light therapy device. It’s convenient that to be able to use it in your own home whenever you choose.  Gone are the days where you had to go to dermatologist, clinic or Spa for similar treatments. These changes have not only made light therapy much more available it’s also a more affordable treatment.

There are a number of devices to choose from that offer various color light options, the most popular being red and blue light therapy. These devices for home use vary in cost and usually run between around $100 to $400 which is far less expensive than paying for individual treatments at a clinic or spa.

You don’t need to be concerned about the light therapy process itself as it’s a simple safe treatment. LED light emitting diodes made up of red and infrared light penetrate the skin to reach the deeper layers without damaging the surface skin.

Red light therapy helps to repair damage done to the skin by the sun and other damaging environmental effects. It safely and painlessly stimulates the tissue in the body to help reverse damaged and aged skin. Regular treatments will greatly increase your chances of getting the results you want which for most is improved skin tone, to diminish fine lines and wrinkles plus more firmness giving a more youthful appearance.

Red light therapy treatments are to be done on clean skin. Treatments are recommended a minimum of 3 times a week for approximately 10-20 minutes on a regular basis. These are some simple things we should all be doing to help our skin. Always remove makeup before going to bed and use a good cleanser and moisturizer. It is also a good idea to take a look at your overall lifestyle too. Smoking, harsh chemicals, and unhealthy diet all have a negative affect the on the skin. Always protect your skin against the elements throughout the year.

Red light therapy has been used in Europe for a number of years.  LED has been used there for 40 – 50 years for its benefits in helping heal wounds and reduce the appearance of scars as well as other medical uses with great success.

Just remember that the results that people get from using red light therapy can vary. Some people see a difference almost right away but for others it takes longer. Be patient and give your red light therapy device a chance to do its job.

Baby Quasar is a popular device. They offer professional red and blue light therapy home treatments. Another option is the hands free DPL device that has great feedback for its use  in skin care but also has a dual advantage as it can be used for sore muscles and joints.  The DPL system covers a much larger area at one time with its 2 panels. These are 2 of the more expensive devices but are highly recommended by users.  A less costly option is the ANSR Beam which is a small compact shape device providing blue and red light that is very convenient  especially if you are traveling.

Red Light Therapy – A Users Review.

Red Light Therapy for skin care

If you hear about a product or a possible solution to a skin problem that you have; it’s only natural to be tempted to give it a try.  Even if you are unfamiliar with the product, you hope that it’s going to work for you too. If you are wondering if Red Light therapy is going make your skin look younger and healthier then read on.

Led Light Therapy

Even though I was fortunate to have good clear skin for most of my life in the past 4 or 5 years probably just like you I have noticed quite a change in my skin. Besides the fine lines, wrinkles and lost elasticity that happens as we start to get older I also have sun damage, some discoloration and loss of skin tone.  I don’t know about you but I am determined that I am not going to accept these changes without a fight. So-I have recently purchased my own light therapy device.  I chose to get one with both red and blue light and I’m presently working on improving my skin so I am not totally ready to give a review myself as I haven’t used it for long enough yet to give a fair evaluation.

However, not too long ago a good friend of mine purchased a red light therapy device and was willing to share her experience with you. I was amazed at how my friend’s skin has improved since I last saw her which was prior to her starting to use red light therapy (along with the Clarisonic Plus Sonic skin cleansing device). It was only when I complimented her on how good she looked and how healthy her skin is looking that she told me what she was doing.

Ever since I have known my friend she has had skin problems but clearly that has all changed in a short period of time. She is so pleased with the results she’s getting that she offered to write a testimonial for me to add to this website about red light therapy.

Keep in mind that my friend is using red light therapy in conjunction with the Clarisonic skin cleansing device that she mentions in her testimonial.

This is what she has to say in her own words:

I have been using my red light machine for the past 2 months. The main effects I have noticed are:

1.       The large pores – I have several on one cheek – they have diminished and some are back to normal

2.       My skin is less saggy – The laugh lines from nose to mouth are barely there anymore.

3.       Under eye lines and crow’s feet are really better and the lines between the brows are much better as well. Not as deep.

4.       If I pinch the skin on my face it bounces back much faster now than it did before so the collagen is coming back.

5.       I am using the light on my neck as well.

I would highly recommend red light therapy and using it saves money as in no Botox or fillers needed.

Clarisonic Plus face washing device  – this machine is made by the same people that made the sonic toothbrush. My skin has improved with this as well. Not so many whiteheads on my nose anymore and my skin really feels clean. No more makeup on my towels. I have used this device for about 1 month now. I have very sensitive skin and a lot of small red capillaries break if I use the wrong products and my skin gets red and itchy so I have to use prescription cortisone cream to get it better again and I have not had any trouble with any of the above items. I have the very sensitive skin and deep cleansing heads with the sonic machine. I use the deep clean head once a week and no trouble…

Even though I have read the feedback from many red light therapy users these are people that I don’t know so I can’t personally confirm their results, however, I can confirm the results that my friend is getting.

There are choices when it comes to deciding on a light therapy device not only are there several red light therapy devices available but there are color combination light therapy devices too. You can choose blue only for acne breakouts as well as incorporate the benefits of red light therapy.

Here are just 5 of a number of red light therapy devices that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

Baby Quasar photorejuvenation light therapy red, Evis MD Platinum, Tanda Regenerate Anti aging starter kit, DPL Deep Penetrating Therapy, ANSR Beam blue and red light device, and LightStim for wrinkles or LightStim for anti aging device

You can also check out the Carisonic Plus Sonic skin cleansing for faces and body here

Hopefully this personal user review will help you make your decision if light therapy is for you.


Does Red Light Therapy Work

When I was looking for ways to improve my own aging skin I wondered does red light therapy work, back then I really didn’t knowmuch about it. I had heard that laser light therapy had been used for a number of years for anti aging purposes in clinics with considerable success. Light therapy was especially popular in Europe and has become more and more popular in other parts of the world.


It was about 3 years ago that I started to take a real interest in red light therapy for skin that could be done safely and easily at home.  During that time of wondering does red light therapy work I researched and learned a lot about light therapy for skin.  I learned that light therapy came about through NASA research a number of years ago, also that there are many diverse uses for light therapy in the health and cosmetic fields.

There’s the difference between blue and red light therapy. Blue light therapy is used more for acne and skin break out because of its ability to kill bacteria on the skin which causes acne.  Red light therapy is more beneficial for those concerned with the types of issues that often come along with aging skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, loss of elasticity and collagen, large pores, sun damage and discoloration.

I looked at the many different light therapy products that are available on the market and reviewed lots of feedback from users and I came to the conclusion that red light therapy does work and so does blue light therapy for a lot of people.

I have sun damage skin, more on one side of my face than the other. My dermatologist asked me if I was usually the driver, which I am, hence more problems on the one side of my face due to over the years driving with my car window down. The one side of my face was exposed to more sun causing damage. Since I made my investment into a device I am seeing the benefits of Red light therapy,  it’s continuing to make a difference to my skin, which has made me a believer that red light therapy does work.

I just discovered that another believer is a friend of mine. She just turned 60 years old this month. She lives quite a distance from me so I only see her about twice a year when she comes to visit for a few days. I’ve known her for about 13 years. It had been at least 5 or 6 months since I last saw her. When she arrived this time I couldn’t believe how good she looked, she looked better than any time since I have known her.

My friend always had large pores, especially on her nose but she doesn’t have large pores now. Her skin is most definitely improved and has a glow about it. Her skins appearance is healthy with an even tone; she’s looking younger than ever. I told her she looked amazing and asked what she was doing that made her skin look so good. My friend told me she had invested in a red light therapy device about 6 or 7 weeks ago and had been using it religiously since then. She admitted that she is delighted with the results she’s getting and that her face is feeling more toned and that the puffiness and dark circles around her eyes have disappeared. If you asked her ‘does red light therapy work’ she wouldn’t hesitate to say ‘yes it does!’ AS well as her red light therapy device she mentioned that there is another step that she has added to her regime. My friend said she also invested in the Clarisonic for face and body which she has been using in conjunction with red light therapy. I have heard of some other light therapy users recommending this treatment too although I haven’t tried the Clarisonic myself yet.

There are number of light therapy products on the market for home use. Keep in mind that you can get a red light therapy only device, or blue light therapy only, There’s also a combination of red and blue so you can check out some of the most popular devices and best prices here  Baby Quasar red, or Baby Quasar power pack, The ANSR Beam, Evis MD Platinum, Tanda anti aging, DPL deep penetrating led light system and see if there is one that could work for you.


Red Light Therapy For Anti Aging

It’s easy to spend a small fortune on anti aging products in hopes of finding ways to maintain youthful skin.  Let’s be honest there are so many products to choose from that it can be confusing as well as expensive trying to make the right choice. The good news is that every day women and even some men are discovering the great benefits of using red light therapy and the secret to anti aging skin.

Red light therapy has been used for many years to aid skin conditions. It helps to improve skin tone and regenerate cells as well as produce collagen that helps to reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles. The key to looking more youthful is smooth supple skin and be free of blemishes which is something that many are finding possible with red light therapy.

It is one thing to lavish our exterior with all types of lotions and potions you have to also need to treat the inside of your body well with healthy nutrients plus proper exercise. How we are on the inside always reflects on the outside. Red light therapy certainly helps the process as it helps to rebuild the lost collagen that causes those dreaded folds and wrinkles.

The great news is red light therapy and blue light therapy are now available to anyone that wants them. There are a number of great light therapy devices that are small and convenient for home use. While red light therapy is used for skin blemishes and rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles the blue light therapy is used very successfully with acne, zits and breakouts.

Since I started reviewing the results of red and blue light therapy which has been for about the past three years I have read numerous user reviews on the various devices as well as getting first hand feedback from people that I know personally. As time that passes the positive reviews continue to grow.

Unless you have suffered with bad acne yourself it is easy to assume that it is mostly young people that have acne issues but acne can affect you at any time in your life. Getting unexpected acne break outs when you are older is something that many mature people have experienced. If you are having problems with your skin you may require both red light therapy and blue light therapy. The blue light therapy kills the bacteria on the skin which is why it is such a great product for those that suffer with acne and any kinds of skin breakout. After using the blue light which has left the skin bacteria free the red light therapy will help with other issues such as cell regeneration, help build collagen, as well as diminish wrinkles and blemishes.

There is absolutely no discomfort using the light therapy.  Here are a few of the recommended and popular light therapy devices that you may want to check out:

The ANSR Beam which offers both blue and red light therapy in one small compact size and shape device.  The reviews by users have been excellent on this product plus it costs less than most other light therapy devices so it is a very cost effective option

Evis MD Platinum light therapy system is another favorite device that helps with the production of collagen and elastin that promotes even toned flawless skin.  This device is safe for all types of skin and ethnicities. Many users report their skin noticeably more firm with fine lines disappearing.  They report that they have a better softer look.

Baby Quasar-There are a few options and price ranges with Baby Quasar.  There’s the Quasar Power Pack which offers both the red and blue light separate wands.  Baby Quasar Photo rejuvenation red and Baby Quasar photo rejuvenation Blue plus the more expensive Baby Quasar Red MD. Again this is a very popular brand and definitely worth checking out.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and can have a different experience.  Some report seeing changes within a matter of a couple of days while for others it can be weeks. It is also important to be consistent with using the device, you can’t expect to use it once or twice and see the results that you want. It does take time!  It’s always recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction. However some users of red and blue light therapy devices have reported that they got better results by using their device longer and more often than the manufacturer recommended.

Red Light Therapy For Youthful Skin

By the time we reach our thirties most of us start to notice changes in our skin.  It may be a few fine lines here and a little crease there; suddenly there are subtle changes that were not noticeable before.  Even those that have been lucky enough to have flawless skin will eventually have to give in to the aging process. Many women in their 40s, 50s and over have realized that the answer to more youthful skin is red light therapy.

Regardless of age and gender most of us want to look our best, this means doing what you have to take better care of yourself so the sooner you start the better chance you have of seeing good results. Let’s be honest there’s nowhere that shows age more than in our face.  This is why women through the ages have spent a small fortune to take care of their skin with skin care lotions, creams and potions as well as buying make-up to cover up their blemishes.  Now there’s red light therapy to help aging skin and blue light therapy to deal with other problems like acne and break outs.

The benefits of light therapy are many and far reaching both in the area of skin care as well as in helping with healing wound s and for pain for numerous medical conditions.  There are different color light therapies depending on the issue at hand.  When light therapy is related to skin care it’s usually red light therapy and blue light therapy that is used. The blue light is used for killing bacteria on the skin while red light therapy helps at a cellular level to rejuvenate the skin and help build collagen. It is therefore very beneficial in a number of skin complaints such as wrinkles, rosacea, discoloration, sun damage and other blemishes.

There are some light therapy devices that provide both blue and red light therapy in one device.  The ANSR BEAM is one of these dual light  products.  This is a very popular and convenient compact size device. You can use the blue light to get rid of any bacteria on the skin to keep it clear and the red light to handle the anti aging side of things.

The great thing is that these devices are meant for home use, so gone are the days of only being able to get this type of treatment was in a clinic. Now you can do your owns treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Most treatments are recommended between 10-20 minutes from a few times a week to daily depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Treatments are totally painless there is no burning or even warmth from these devices and no side effects to worry about either.

There are a number of other home devices that are extremely popular too.  The Baby Quasar is one of the most popular devices and has been around for some time. Some of the other recognized and trusted devices are Tanda and Evis light therapy devices.  Just as with any product people have their favorites for one reason or another. Whichever red light therapy device you decide to try the main thing is keeping your skin youthful as long as possible.